Lock up inbound mail From

If you use Barracuda with MspPortal Partners do the following if you have not already done so



Customers Using the Following Instances of Email Gateway Defense
Network Traffic to Email Gateway Defense (SMTP) Network Traffic from Email Gateway Defense (SMTP and other)
Australia (AU)
Canada (CA)
Germany (DE)
United Kingdom (UK)
United States (US) / 21 / 20
Ensure Connectivity and Redundancy

Follow these tips to ensure connectivity and redundancy:

Open your firewall ports to allow the IP address ranges, based on your Barracuda Networks instance.
(Optional) Configure your mail server or router to block inbound email not originating from your Email Gateway Defense IP address ranges.
If you have a Barracuda Web Security Gateway or Barracuda Web Application Firewall: You might need to exempt ess.barracudanetworks.com from filtering.
Exempt traffic coming from Email Gateway Defense IP addresses from any kind of throttle or rate controls, RBL, and SPF or DKIM scanning.


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