Microsoft the No. 1 Most-Spoofed Brand in Phishing Attacks (O365)

1) Microsoft the No. 1 Most-Spoofed Brand in Phishing Attacks
Nearly 60% of all phishing attacks impersonate Microsoft and about half a million Microsoft 365 accounts were compromised in 2021, new data shows.

Barracuda Networks’ telemetry — from from millions of emails it analyzed — shows that in 2021, a little over half of all social engineering attacks came via phishing, and Microsoft was the most-impersonated brand in those attack attempts. Overall, attackers sent 3 million emails from 12,000 compromised accounts, and one in five organizations suffered an account compromise last year.

As a Security Software Distributor of Barracuda there security mail which is by far the best in the industry. Built from scratch using open source. For a very inexpensive dollar amount you could be protected> Call your MSP/Tech firm for pricing and then have them call MspPortal Partners to assist in implementing a secure solution at no additional cost.

1) Google Emergency Update Fixes Chrome Zero-Day
Google patches a critical flaw in its Chrome browser, bringing its count of zero-day vulnerabilities fixed in 2022 to four already. Do you really want to use Chrome or Google period let alone Google Mail
2) Microsoft Releases Advisory to Address Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2022-26809)
3)Microsoft Releases April 2022 Security Updates (112)
4) Apple Releases Security Updates (its getting worse)

Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President

Security Software Distributor: Bitdefender , Barracuda, RackSpace, Axcient

“Where Service and Technical Skills Count”


Per Bitdefender “Managed services provider hosts the most in endpoint security”

MspPortal Partners simplifies and strengthens security in the cloud:

MspPortal Partners is a managed services provider (MSP) for internet service providers, resellers, value added
resellers and other MSPs. The company delivers comprehensive endpoint security, secure email, and networking in an OEM
arrangement with major manufacturers, hosted in a multitenant cloud environment.

An MSP takes on considerable responsibility by hosting critical business services for its
clients. That responsibility is multiplied when you’re the MSP for hundreds of other service
providers. Such a responsibility requires absolute confidence and trust in the solutions you
provide. Just ask MspPortal Partners.
This innovative MSP supports hundreds of MSPs, ISPs and resellers with everything they
need to offer their customers robust business solutions, such as endpoint security. MspPortal
Partners’ success is built on providing delivery and support services of the highest quality to
its clients.

Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs enables MspPortal Partners to deliver comprehensive
endpoint security services, including built-in firewall protection with intrusion detection,
content filtering and advanced antimalware and antivirus capabilities. The solution also gives
MspPortal Partners a multitenant dashboard for granular client specific policy management,
extensive reporting, and easy deployment of endpoint protection to multiple clients.

MspPortal Partners’ reputation for delivering reliable, economical, easy-to-manage endpoint
security has helped the company attract more than 76 new resellers in six months. And by
reselling Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs, these service provider customers also have
increased their revenue streams 33-40 percent. Not surprisingly, customer loyalty to MspPortal
Partners is also strong.

MspPortal Assisted a reseller to Deployed security to 52,000
endpoints in three days at 26 different school sites


Buying Power Matters

In their early days, companies such as Groupon and Living Social maximized the concept of buying power. They would rally a number of individuals who need or want certain items, and use their collective buying power to get the items at lower prices than any one person could buy on the open retail market. This is one of many examples of how buying power can save people and businesses money.

When it comes to endpoint security, MspPortal Partners uses its buying power for solutions from Barracuda, Bitdefender and other providers to help resellers and distributors with ways they can offer competitive rates and grow their businesses. Like a consumer going direct to a retailer, resellers can go direct to providers for encrypted mail solutions, remote management software, email security and malware protection, but they are likely to pay retail rates. They simply don’t have the experience, relationships or the volume to justify the solution providers lowering their rates. Entry-point pricing is much closer to retail pricing, making it difficult for resellers and distributors to add enough margin to quickly build a profitable business.

MspPortal Partners leverages years of security industry experience to purchase endpoint security seats at a much lower rate than individual resellers can negotiate. In fact, MspPortalPartners works with 400 MSPs and 3927 resellers customers across the country and Canada, and collectively, the group manages over 200,000 endpoints. The ability to buy seats in larger quantities results in savings that are passed on to MspPortalPartners customers. This savings is in addition to better customer service, tech support and training that can be relied on 24x7x365.

So, when we talk about buying power, we lean on the relationships MspPortalPartners has built over the last several years with providers to negotiate pricing that benefits our network. And while the buying-power pricing often attracts resellers and distributors to MspPortalPartners, it is our technical knowledge and service that keeps them as a partner.

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