Little about MspPortal Partners and Bitdefender relationship

1) We do 1,2,3 line tech support for Bitdefender Gravity Zone we average 60 tech cases a week just on 1 and 2nd level support we typically solve our case load within 15-30 minutes
2) We do the hands on Training (1 hour) no power point live. When we are done you can start selling that day. We write a default policy that will keep you out of trouble and avoid Crypto. We also do a lot of Bitdefender’s beta work. Helps us to be better service to you
3) We do the licenses (reality we just keep your bucket full so it’s nothing more than adding more licenses when needed (just send an email to us) You only pay for what you use/install
4) Last we do the invoicing 2nd of the month we make sure you receive a report of the breakdown for your billing on the first. for the prior month (arrears)
5) The reality is even though we are a distributor we are really a VAD value add we work for a living ūüėČ
6) Techs since 1994 when Roy Miehe started this firm

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and also share some best practices with you.

Bitdefender has a great program with solutions specifically tailored for MSPs..

Bitdefender Email Alerts on Gravity Zone Important

Folks if you are not receiving Bitdefender Alerts

Please send an email to

Subject Line: Not receiving Bitdefender Mail Alerts Important You should receive a response with a case number

** Importance to this is alerting you folks as to Incidents occurring in Gravity Zone -> whatever you have chosen to receive alerts on**

I have already made Development aware of this issue

Rackspace Email Changes Important

On June 8th Rackspace Email will start making changes to the retention rules for the spam and trash folders. The maximum data retention limits of the spam and trash folders will change to 14 and 30 days respectively. This means that any mail data in these folders older than the retention limits will be removed and unrecoverable. Since an unlimited number of messages can now be stored in either of the spam or trash folders, the option to “Delete After ‘x’ Total Email” will be removed.

Prior to June 8th, you should review your spam and trash folder cleanup settings. If they are higher than the new limits (spam: 14 days, trash: 30 days) then the mailbox owner will need to review the mail in those folders and move anything worth keeping into another folder. You can view the spam and trash limits for each mailbox by logging into and navigating to mailboxes > manage > settings.

Please inform your customers of these upcoming mail retention changes by May 4th. We look forward to the benefits these changes will bring to both the Rackspace Email platform and your organization’s mailboxes.


The Rackspace Email Team

Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 HF1 and Barracuda RMM ServiceNow Service Desk

Dear MspPortal Partners,

Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 HF1 and the Barracuda RMM ServiceNow Service Desk is now available. The Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 HF1 release includes performance enhancements for alert handling, the file size for automation scripts and packages has been increased to 25 MB, and the OSX Site Prep Utility now supports macOS versions Catalina and Big Sur. For more information, please read the release notes:

The Barracuda RMM ServiceNow Service Desk offers robust bi-directional integration with ServiceNow, enabling MSPs who use the ServiceNow event management system to use Barracuda RMM with no adjustments to accommodate. For more information, please read the release notes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact


The Barracuda MSP team

With Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection

With Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection
MspPortal Partners blocked 767 Infected attachments in the last 24 hours protecting our partners clients from becoming/getting infected. Thousand of dollars were saved in mitigation costs

Scan Description the file was scanned by the Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service. ATP scans for malware, zero-day exploits, and targeted attacks not detected by other virus scanning features or the intrusion prevention system. ATP analyzes files in a secure cloud environment and makes an overall determination once scanning is complete.

Most of the blocked emails were Microsoft: docx, xlsm , xlsx, pdf, exe and rar

MspPortal Partners is a leader in providing security software to the Tech Community at better then wholesale pricing , service and support

Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 HF1 Release + updated Mac OS support

We are very excited on the 3 releases all happening this week.  Lots of content! 

The upcoming hotfix lays the framework for the related Mac OS support and the new ServiceNow PSA integration release.  Additional details on each one are provided below. 

This hotfix release contains:

– Automation file parameter increase to 25mb.

– Site Prep tool upgrades for Mac OSes Catalina and Big Sur

– Automation scripts for installation of Firefox, Chrome, and Adobe Reader products are now available for download

Mac OS Updates:

– Mac Device Managers are now supported on Catalina and Big Sur

ServiceNow PSA integration:

РBarracuda RMM now supports the ServiceNow PSA integration.  This release focuses on the Event Management product.  This integration includes:

            Р2-way ticket sync РCreating and updating tickets in Barracuda RMM will generate appropriate events in ServiceNow.   A new REST API is available in Barracuda RMM that ServiceNow can be configured to consume to send ticket updates back to.

            РAsset-sync РBarracuda RMM devices can be pushed to a ServiceNow Import Set table on a schedule, where they can then be transformed into the appropriate Configuration Item (CI) tables.

Release Notes now available:

Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 Hotfix 1

English PDF:




English PDF:




Managed Workplace Bi-Weekly Status Reports page:

Bitdefender: Endpoint Security for Mac Version Release Notes

Please see below release notes for the new Endpoint Security for Mac Version, release on Slow Ring on April 12th.

Endpoint Security for Mac Version Release Notes

Release date:

  • Fast ring: 2021.04.12
  • Slow ring: 2021.04.12

New Features and Improvements


Added support for Apple M1 processors, with the following protection modules:

  • Antimalware
  • Device Control
  • Content Control
  • Encryption

Support for other features on Apple M1 will be added in time.



  • This version of Endpoint Security for Mac has universal binaries and runs natively on both Intel and Apple M1 architectures. In case of existing installations on systems running macOS versions older than Big Sur (11.x), you must first update them to the intermediary¬†version This will enable migration to the new update location for product versions with universal binaries.
  • This version does not install on OS X El Capitan (10.11), following the Bitdefender announcement regarding¬†the end of support for this operating system. We advise you to upgrade the operating system to a supported version to benefit from the latest Bitdefender protection technologies.

Resolved Issues


  • Installing the¬†macOS kit (Apple M1)¬†on machines with M1 processors prompted endpoint users to install Rosetta as well.
  • The product failed to connect to Bitdefender cloud services due to an internal issue.

Graphical User Interface

  • The application top menu was not displayed when launching Endpoint Security for Mac from the dock.
  • Events sorting in the¬†History¬†section was not performed by date after making actions such as resizing columns.

MspPortal now provides Encrypt Mail at no extra charge using Barracuda Spam filtering

If you are using with MspPortal Partners Barracuda Spam Filtering you can now do encrypt mail also at no additional cost.

Rackspace, Office 365, Google Apps, Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise, Zimbra, Gmail, postfix, Send Mail, and more can be used as long as you can add a smart host entry.

I will assist in the original setup at no extra charge ( training) Use a word such as I do “secure” in the subject line plus you have the best spam filtering soluion in the industry.