Product Lines by MspPortal Partner Network

MspPortal Partner Network gives you everything you need to be able to offer your customers comprehensive, robust and ultra-secure solutions globally - regardless of their business size or needs.

You never pay more with us then you would by going direct, the difference you get our outstanding knowledge and tech support. Think of us as a value added partner.

Pay as you go means you pay only for what you use. We've come up with a genius plan. We won't charge you for what you don't use. We hate the concept of shelfware where you pay for things you don't need. Seems obvious, huh, but we were the first to think of it and have been doing it that way from the start. Plus we think it's only fair that we earn our pay, so there's no contract either - if you don't like the service.

Why MspSecureMail

Business Email Hosting Made Simple MspSecureMail specializes in the day-to-day management of your email platform so you can focus on your business. We make it simple for your company to communicate and get things done by offering a variety of email hosting services to meet your business needs. From Hosted Exchange 2013 or 2016 to Hosted Email to a Hybrid.

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Why MspAntivirus

MspAntivirus Business Security is an all-in-one security solution that includes protection and unified security management for workstations, servers, email, and mobile devices.
Unlike traditional solutions that patch together pre-virtualization and pre-cloud Windows applications, MspAntivirus  combines all the security services an organization needs into a single delivery platform and provides the best combination of protection and performance.

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Why MspSecureBackup

MspSecureBackup gives you everything you need to be able to offer your customers a comprehensive, robust and ultra-secure backup solution - regardless of their business size or backup needs. Growing data volumes and often complex backup requirements mean that the extensive features that MspSecureBackup provides are precisely what you need to manage efficiently, resourcefully and affordably.

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Why MspEncryptMail

With Encrypted Mail, employees are assured that their confidential information is never exposed to potential hackers or even their IT department.
mobilEncrypt gives organizations the ability to enforce email encryption on the mobile device, completely eliminating the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

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Why MspManagedNetwork

The RemoteManagement software tool offers a comprehensive range of features that help our partners to scale their businesses and attract new customers by enabling them to deliver high-value, lucrative and proactive services - whether you’re working with a break/fix model, are fully managed services, or a hybrid of the two.

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Why MspMailFilter

Block email-borne threats before they reach your network, Efficient spam filtering and improved deliverability, Archive email to meet compliance standards, Business continuity, Hassle free, Instant protection, Scalability.

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Why MspSecureDoc

We’ve designed MspSecureDoc to be the perfect business-grade file sync and share solution for your customers. MspSecureDoc offers the convenient sharing and collaboration tools your end users want, with the security and compliance you know they need. MspSecureDoc is tightly integrated with the MspSecureDoc platform data protection solution, which consolidates account management and enables single billing through one central portal.

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