Agentless email encryption

It’s vital you protect and ensure authorized receipt of email communications containing sensitive and confidential data, such as client, legal or intellectual property.

With MspEncryptMail  Encryption you can enforce email encryption based upon the following standards.

  1. Hipaa: Requires the protection of confidentiality and security of
    healthcare information,Military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest
  2. Finara: Dedicated to investor protection and market integrity
    through effective and efficient regulation of the securities
  3. Ferpa :Requires the protection of confidentiality and security of
    educational records,Military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest
  4. Pci: Software does not store full
    track or magnetic stripe data,Encrypt data in transit and at rest. Access controls to prevent unauthorized
    access to data

Many businesses are subject to regulations that govern how they protect
sensitive data. Failure to comply with any one of these regulations can often lead to
serious fines and ramifications. It’s up to IT services providers to be
the last line of defense for their SMBs.

Barracuda MSP takes compliance seriously. That’s they we have taken steps to ensure
that our software and our operations abide by the strictest security controls required
by major industry and federal regulations to keep data safe.


Features & Benefits

Ensures Confidentiality

Emails are encrypted and digitally signed right at the desktop by the sender, eliminating the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than intended recipient.

Verifies compliance

Enable email privacy policies to reduce the risk of data loss and facilitate regulatory compliance measures. Audit reporting is robust, easy to produce, document and analyze.

See how Desktop Encryption can instill confidence in your customers and business partners that their communications are confidential, authenticated and reliable.


  • AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit Public key cryptography (RSA 1024)
  • Policies automatically encrypt messages based on certain keywords.
  • Support for strong and custom passwords.
  • Force encryption on sensitive emails based on domains, attachment types, and keywords.


  • Encryption takes place at desktop.
  • Eliminates the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.
  • Encrypted messages cannot be read by hackers or even anyone in the IT department.
  • Helps organizations meet compliance regulations.