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    • Bitdefender New Portfolio email January 7, 2022
      This will not effect MspPortal Partners pricing on all Gravity Zone pricing will remain the same. Per my Distribution Manager 1-6-2021 Yes a la carte refers only to annual enterprise solution – not MSP. You will continue to distribute Cloud Security for MSP + ATS + EDR, etc. with no change 😊 I will let […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Bitdefender BEST (Windows) Release Notes – Fast Ring January 4, 2022
      BItdefender updates The release notes are available here. Folks stay up to date on Product and  engine 7.90782 last update 1-4-2022 Also Bitdefender alerts via email .. they are still struggling and still using Mailchimp hence you’re not receiving all alerts that you have requested. Very important to login daily..and review your endpoints if […]
      Roy Miehe
    • You think Apache Log4j Security Vulnerabilities is bad look at Mimikatz Malware December 14, 2021
      Mimikatz Malware Attacks everything basically once there it will run additional tools to encrypt and do a search find for all machines to encrypt The susceptible world is Windows of course. Keep yourself up to date with Bitdefender (An update process has been completed successfully. (Product version: Engines version: 7.90522 (10841006) This may sound […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Security Advisory: Bitdefender Response to Critical Zero-Day Apache Log4j2 Vulnerability 12-11-2021 December 13, 2021
      As normal Bitdefender is on top of this: Link for Article On December 9, 2021, Apache disclosed CVE-2021-44228, a remote code execution vulnerability – assigned with a severity of 10 (the highest possible risk score) – affecting Apache Log4j2, a Java-based logging framework widely used in commercial and open-source software products. The vulnerability affects versions […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Bitdefender Endpoint Security for Mac and Release Notes – Fast Ring December 9, 2021
      Hello everyone, Bitdefender has today released on fast ring the following versions of Endpoint Security for Mac: • Version – enables migration to • Version – brings new features, improvements and bug fixes. It requires The release notes are available here (English only) ( Should you have any questions or suggestions […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Per Bitdefender “Managed services provider hosts the most in endpoint security” December 7, 2021
      MspPortal Partners simplifies and strengthens security in the cloud: MspPortal Partners is a managed services provider (MSP) for internet service providers, resellers, value added resellers and other MSPs. The company delivers comprehensive endpoint security, secure email, and networking in an OEM arrangement with major manufacturers, hosted in a multitenant cloud environment. An MSP takes on […]
      Roy Miehe
    • CyberSecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency Catalog November 17, 2021
      CyberSecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog Great place to start if you are curious if you need to do an update. Lot of Apple and Google and of course Microsoft updates. Even Solarwinds now called N-able name change..go figure lastest 11-17-2021 Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog Site URL Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Update to Bitdefender email alerts 9-29-2021 September 29, 2021
      Bitdefender still struggling with email alerts follow up on Yesterday when I reported to you I reported the case early this morning 9-28-2021 with no response yet (Case ID 00610932). Probably do to the fact that Intuit bought mail chimp (mail broadcast)..As of today 9-29-2021 there is still no resolution. Should probably switch to smtp2go […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Bitdefender struggling with email alerts September 28, 2021
      I reported the case early this morning with no response yet (Case ID 00610932). Probably do to the fact that Intuit bought mail chimp (mail broadcast) Make sure you review the dashboard alert section important. Send an email for update to ( if you have questions Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President Bitdefender […]
      Roy Miehe
    • New Phishing Attack on Microsoft O365 September 16, 2021
      August 26, 2021 New Phishing Attack on Microsoft O365 Users Leverages Open Redirects to Avoid Detection Widespread credential phishing campaign abuses open redirector links Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team Link Article MspPortal Partners along with Barracuda does have  a solution Read what Essentials complete will provide for you Includes ESS, Message Archiver and O365 […]
      Roy Miehe