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    • US govt warns Americans of escalating SMS phishing attacks July 29, 2022
      By Sergiu Gatlan July 29, 2022 11:21 AM The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warned Americans of an increasing wave of SMS (Short Message Service) phishing attacks attempting to steal their personal information and money. Such attacks are also known as smishing or robotexts (as the FCC calls them), and scammers behind them may use various […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Cyberspies use Google Chrome extension to steal emails undetected July 28, 2022
      Folks I have warned you stop using Chrome..Firefox with By Sergiu Gatlan July 28, 2022 A North Korean-backed threat group tracked as Kimsuky is using a malicious browser extension to steal emails from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge users reading their webmail. The extension, dubbed SHARPEXT by Volexity researchers who spotted this campaign in […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Microsoft 365 outage knocks down admin center in North America July 28, 2022
      By Sergiu Gatlan July 28, 2022 01:12 PM 0 Microsoft is investigating an ongoing incident impacting administrators in North America who report seeing blank pages and 404 errors when trying to access the Microsoft 365 admin center. This outage could affect any admin in North America, as the company revealed on the Microsoft 365 Service […]
      Roy Miehe
    • For MspPortal Partners only July 26, 2022
      Starting August 3rd we will be  spinning up partner requests for 30 day trials of Bitdefender new additions of there XDR release. probably the most comprehensive release ever. Security on steroids If you wish to set up a trial please send me a email Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President Security Software Distributor: […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Microsoft Teams outage also takes down Microsoft 365 services July 21, 2022
      By Sergiu Gatlan July 21, 2022 What initially started like a minor Microsoft Teams outage has also taken down multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integration, including Exchange Online, Windows 365, and Office Online. “We’ve received reports of users being unable to access Microsoft Teams or leverage any features,” the company revealed on its official […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Barracuda RMM 12 SP6 MR1 update to our cloud instances July 18, 2022
      Barracuda  will be releasing Barracuda RMM 12 SP6 MR1 to our cloud instances starting on July 29, 2022. This release includes several new features, including upgrading Firewall rules for users of Avast Antivirus and the ability to send an MFA code to a mobile device using SMS. A maintenance window is required for this upgrade […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Microsoft investigates ongoing Exchange Online, Outlook outage July 18, 2022
      By Sergiu Gatlan July 18, 2022 10:26 AM Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage impacting Microsoft 365 services after customers have reported experiencing issues while trying to sign into, access, and receive emails on the portal and via Exchange Online. “We’re investigating an issue with users accessing or experiencing degraded functionality when using Exchange […]
      Roy Miehe
    • UPDATE’s Ring gave police data without user consent 11 times in 2022 July 13, 2022
      WASHINGTON, July 13 (Reuters) –’s Ring doorbell unit, which makes videos of the outside of an owner’s home, gave footage to law enforcement without the user’s consent 11 times so far this year, the company said. Amazon said it provided the video under emergency circumstances. Senator Edward Markey, a lawmaker interested in privacy, on […]
      Roy Miehe
    • Microsoft: Phishing bypassed MFA in attacks against 10,000 orgs July 13, 2022
      Microsoft: Phishing bypassed MFA in attacks against 10,000 orgs By Sergiu Gatlan July 12, 2022 01:02 PM Microsoft says a massive series of phishing attacks has targeted more than 10,000 organizations starting with September 2021, using the gained access to victims’ mailboxes in follow-on business email compromise (BEC) attacks. The threat actors used landing pages […]
      Roy Miehe
    • CISA orders agencies to patch new Windows zero-day used in attacks July 12, 2022
      By Sergiu Gatlan CISA has added an actively exploited local privilege escalation vulnerability in the Windows Client/Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS) to its list of bugs abused in the wild. This high severity security flaw (tracked as CVE-2022-22047) impacts both server and client Windows platforms, including the latest Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 releases. Microsoft […]
      Roy Miehe