Important: Microsoft 365 – Term and Prices Announcement

As a Security Provider of Security Software by Rackspace be aware Microsoft will be reaching into your pocketbook  (Wrong) MspPortal Partners refuses to sell O365.

Rackspace offers a Standalone  or Hosted mail server and at MspPortal Partners monthly  and no contract pricing.

We previously shared an announcement about changes to the Microsoft 365 CSP experience regarding the enforcement of annual-commit subscription terms, price increases on select products, and a premium charge for monthly-commit licenses. Microsoft is now enforcing annual commitments which historically they have not enforced, and they have created an offer for monthly-commitment options but with a premium charge.

This communication serves as a reminder that monthly-commit licenses will receive a price increase due to the pricing premium from Microsoft for monthly adjustment flexibility. As required by Rackspace’s agreement with our Customers, this communication serves as your 45-day notice that Rackspace will begin to pass Microsoft’s price increase through to our customers on July 1, 2022, per the terms of our agreement.

Microsoft is currently not allowing terms to change from monthly to annual commitments. However, we are working closely with Microsoft to provide an option to allow our customers to switch to annual licenses prior to July 1 to avoid the monthly premium should they wish to do so. Please continue to monitor the control panel where you manage licenses, as we will enable this feature via the control panel once we come to a resolution with Microsoft.

In the initial announcement, we announced Microsoft’s price increases on six products, reflected on invoices as of April 1 with pricing as follows (annual-commit pricing, per user/per month):

Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President

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Bitdefender and Microsoft O365 Information IMPORTANT

Bitdefender Policy Update- please apply

Network Protection ->General Settings Section- Check off Besides SSL Scan RDP.  Brute Force attacks are happening..it surprises me considering the whole world I thought shutdown RDP on the public side.

Microsoft Changes to O365 user and Resellers agreements

Dear Reseller,  

We’d like to take the opportunity to provide you with an overview of upcoming changes Microsoft is making to their CSP experience. 

Historically, Microsoft has not enforced their annual subscription terms which has allowed customers flexibility in modifying licenses throughout the annual term. Effective March 10, 2022, Microsoft will be enforcing annual terms, and offering monthly terms for customers who wish to maintain flexibility with license changes.  Monthly-term license subscriptions will be charged a 20% premium, however, to help support this new enforcement, Microsoft is offering a promotion for most of the monthly-term licenses.  This promotion is effective through June 2022 and is for designated SKUs where the customer has under 2,400 of the same licenses within the same tenant. Customers who do not want to pay a 20% premium for this flexibility will need to move their license to an annual term before Microsoft’s promotion ends in June. 

In addition to enforcement of term policies, Microsoft is only allowing a 72-hour time frame during which new subscriptions can change terms or quantities. After 72-hours from the initial purchase, subscriptions cannot be modified until the next renewal period (either monthly or annual).

Think about this the headache you will have trying to do co-terming with you clients. Remember this withing the same tenant, with no time to adjust. We are working to provide a solution and alternative to Micorsoft’s actions

Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President

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Rackspace Email Changes Important

On June 8th Rackspace Email will start making changes to the retention rules for the spam and trash folders. The maximum data retention limits of the spam and trash folders will change to 14 and 30 days respectively. This means that any mail data in these folders older than the retention limits will be removed and unrecoverable. Since an unlimited number of messages can now be stored in either of the spam or trash folders, the option to “Delete After ‘x’ Total Email” will be removed.

Prior to June 8th, you should review your spam and trash folder cleanup settings. If they are higher than the new limits (spam: 14 days, trash: 30 days) then the mailbox owner will need to review the mail in those folders and move anything worth keeping into another folder. You can view the spam and trash limits for each mailbox by logging into https://cp.rackspace.com and navigating to mailboxes > manage > settings.

Please inform your customers of these upcoming mail retention changes by May 4th. We look forward to the benefits these changes will bring to both the Rackspace Email platform and your organization’s mailboxes.


The Rackspace Email Team