Rackspace Email Customers

Rackspace Email Customer, 

As we continue our preparations to migrate Rackspace Email users to a new and improved mail platform, we are announcing a change in our spam and trash retention settings.  

On November 1st 2022, Rackspace Email will change the retention rules for the spam and trash folders to 30 days. This means that any mail data in these folders older than the retention limits will be removed. 

Prior to November 1st, the mailbox owner will need to review the mail in those folders and move any mail they want to keep into another folder. You can view the spam and trash limits for each mailbox by logging into https://cp.rackspace.com        

– Mailbox: Navigate to Mailboxes > manage > settings       

– Domain: Navigate to Rackspace Email > Settings > Folder Cleanup 

This change will help users manage their storage usage automatically, effectively increasing the total available mail quota for most users.

Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President

Security Software Distributor: Bitdefender , Barracuda, RackSpace, Axcient

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