Stay Alert this Holiday Season

It should go without saying that when it comes to cybersecurity, if you use a computer or mobile device, you shouldn’t let your guard down this holiday season. Unfortunately, when it comes fighting to be the first who gets the new Sony PS5 or Apple Air Pods Max, sometimes commonsense goes out the window. Add a global pandemic, which has consumed everyone’s attention, and it’s no surprise why personal privacy and cybersecurity are not a focus or priority.

With more people working remotely and companies extending their networks to home offices around the world, nefarious practitioners have also shifted their focus. Again, no surprise that the response of businesses to send people home because of COVID-19, created a gap in cybersecurity, forcing organizations to invest even more time and resources in protective measures. In addition, phishing emails related to COVID-19 have surged, along with scams and attacks related to stimulus payments.

One editor wrote, “Ask almost anyone what the top global story was for 2020, and they will likely start with the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is much more to this story.

“2020 will also be remembered as the year that security events exploded and cyber incidents transformed society in numerous ways.”

So, as we head into and slowly out of the most vulnerable time of the year, pay a little more attention to what website you are sharing your personal information with, and what email you are responding to. As you focus on taking care of your personal health and doing your part to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, consider your approach to cybersecurity and do your best to avoid falling victim to or spreading digital viruses as well.

Have recent Microsoft O365 downtime’s and outages impacted your customers’ productivity?

Protection with pricing below market place by MspPortal Partners Inc who now partners with Barracuda Essentials

MspPortal Partners manages with partners over 15,000 MB’s. From The East coast to the West Coast including Alaska and Canada

Has recent Microsoft O365 downtimes and outages impacted your customers’ productivity?

MspPortal Partners Barracuda Essentials includes business continuity with data spooling, at no charge, eliminating downtime. The Email Continuity Service ensures email operations continue by failing over to our cloud-based email service, in the event primary email services, like Office 365, become unavailable. During email server outages, an emergency mailbox allows users to continue sending, receiving, reading, and responding to email.

Barracuda Essentials can also help your customers:
•Stop advanced threats: protect your customers from volumetric threats like malware and spam, as well as advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware
•Stay compliant and productive: on top of email continuity, our tamper-proof archiving ensures compliance with email retention policies
•Keep their data safe: protect your customers’ data from corruption and deletion with full cloud backup and recovery of every email and file. keep sensitive data safe with data leak prevention and encryption.
I believe Barracuda Essentials can help add value to your business, and can not only keep your customers up and running during downtime, but can keep them safe.

If you have any questions around the solution, how to sell it, or any other questions, we will be more than happy to assist.
As always MspPortal Partners does the intial best practice spin up, training and first and second line tech support.
MspPortal Partners has been using Barracuda Spam filtering for over 8 years with MspPortal Partners.

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