Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 HF1 Release + updated Mac OS support

We are very excited on the 3 releases all happening this week.  Lots of content! 

The upcoming hotfix lays the framework for the related Mac OS support and the new ServiceNow PSA integration release.  Additional details on each one are provided below. 

This hotfix release contains:

– Automation file parameter increase to 25mb.

– Site Prep tool upgrades for Mac OSes Catalina and Big Sur

– Automation scripts for installation of Firefox, Chrome, and Adobe Reader products are now available for download

Mac OS Updates:

– Mac Device Managers are now supported on Catalina and Big Sur

ServiceNow PSA integration:

– Barracuda RMM now supports the ServiceNow PSA integration.  This release focuses on the Event Management product.  This integration includes:

            – 2-way ticket sync – Creating and updating tickets in Barracuda RMM will generate appropriate events in ServiceNow.   A new REST API is available in Barracuda RMM that ServiceNow can be configured to consume to send ticket updates back to.

            – Asset-sync – Barracuda RMM devices can be pushed to a ServiceNow Import Set table on a schedule, where they can then be transformed into the appropriate Configuration Item (CI) tables.

Release Notes now available:

Barracuda RMM 12 SP3 Hotfix 1

English PDF:




English PDF:




Managed Workplace Bi-Weekly Status Reports page: