Bitdefender- New Content Policy

Bitdefender Modified the existing content filter in November

Network Attack Defense

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The Network Attack Defense module relies on a Bitdefender technology that focuses on detecting network attacks designed to gain access on endpoints through specific techniques, such as: brute-force attacks, network exploits, password stealers, drive-by-download infection vectors, bots, and Trojans.

Short Version
From the latest updates, the Web rules list found in Content Control > Web Access Control Settings > Web Categories Filter has been moved under Policies > Configuration Profiles > Web Access Control Scheduler > Category Scheduler.
You can now create new schedules with multiple time window settings and assign categories to each schedule. The categories will be removed from the policy and the new schedule will be mapped to a policy.

Please refer to this article ( from our documentation regarding how to create a scheduler and also assign it to a policy. Note that a scheduler can be assigned to more policies simultaneously.

Long Version

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