Action required: 90-day notice – Barracuda DMARC policy Must Read Please

Barracuda Networks, Inc. is taking steps to harden our email-sending domains by moving our DMARC policy into an enforcement configuration. 
This important measure will prevent the potential threat of an adversary looking to impersonate Barracuda. As we implement this control, we advise all our customers to change their notification email address and the SMTP server setting on their Barracuda appliance(s) to use their domain/email address instead of ‘‘. Doing this will ensure your email provider accepts your notification emails from your Barracuda appliance.  
Please note this is a 90-day notice that we plan to enforce our DMARC policy. If you have not moved to the new product version that supports this change by July 19, 2024, your product (see list below) will no longer be supported. 
Below are articles to assist in making these changes to your Barracuda appliances where Barracuda DMARC policy will be enforced, please click on the one(s) that are relevant to you or locate them on Barracuda Campus by searching for “DMARC.”  


Please note, if you have not moved to the new version by July 19, 2024 your product will no longer be supported.  

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter to improve your security posture and reduce potential email impersonation attacks. 
If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to the support team at

Thank you! 

Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President

Security Software Distributor: Bitdefender , Barracuda, Phishing Simulation & Cyber Security Training

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