About RMM’s and Bitdefender and Barracuda

MspPortal Opinions A Security Software Value Add Distributor for MSP’s we work for a living. Flat monthly rate pricing, no contracts

Bitdefender: 3rd leval Support use only Basic AV, ATS, and if client wants EDR, Do not waste you money on MDR or other add-ons What they lacke in “Verbal Tech Support” MspPortal makes up for it we answer calls and emails M-F and have a 24x7x365 answering service to assist us.

Barracuda: Spam Filtering best in the business, RMM-below,
Do not waste you money on there SOC, XDR especially there Intronis Backup, they lack Development and support

Keep in mind at MspPortal Partners we are techs and believe in Tech dashboards not pretty pictures

Guide To The Best RMM Software of 2024

Best Tools By Paulo Gardini Miguel

1) SuperOps.ai – Best user experience(No knowledge)

2) Barracuda RMM – Best for robust security features (MspPortal Partners Choice ***, Distribute, the most secure and oldest RMM.)
Barracuda RMM is a leading name in the field of remote monitoring and management, focusing on delivering top-notch security features. Serving various industries, it plays a critical role in safeguarding IT systems and networks, making it especially appealing for businesses prioritizing strong security measures.

3) OptiTune – Best for customizable user experience (No knowledge)
4) ITarian RMM – Best for integration capabilities (Poor Support)
5) Syxsense – Best for real-time monitoring (No knowledge)
6) Naverisk – Best for network management efficiency (Not Impressed)
7) MSP360 RMM – Best for cross-platform compatibility (Pretty Web Site)
8) ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP – Best for helpdesk functionality (No knowledge)
9) N-able – Best for small to medium MSPs (Stay Away SOLARWINDS issue, one of my Partners callis “Disable”)
10) ConnectWise RMM – Best for automation (up and down not reliable)

11) NinjaOne – Best for growing teams (I was a X disrtibutor till they deleted 4000 endpoints of Bitdefender, Now they spend more time in maintence mode or up and down like a YoYo. To be fair MspPortal Partners still has thousands of end points and partners still using the product. MspPortal Partners just will not resell the product. (We have reports to support this)
Reporting is disappointing compared to some other platforms
There’s no plan for teams managing fewer than 50 devices at this time

12)ManageEngine RMM Central – Best for customer service (No knowledge)
13) Atera – Best range of features ( We displace more of this product)
14) GoTo Resolve – Best for providing IT support (No knowledge)
15) LogMeIn Central – Best for internal IT teams ( a Wanna Be for the revenue)
16) Syncro – Best for unlimited endpoints (You had be a tech they have no Vocal Tech Support only email)
17) Domotz – Best value for money (No knowledge)
18) Pulseway – Best for mobile app management (Out of the country and will just take your money lack support)
19) Auvik – Best for network monitoring(No knowledge)
20) Addigy – Best for managing Apple devices (No knowledge)
21) Intermapper – Best for network mapping (No knowledge)
22) Kaseya VSA – Best for easy onboarding and migration (Bad News anything they touch including Datto)
23) VNC Connect RPort – Best for managing IoT devices ((No knowledge)
24) TeamViewer – Best for supporting remote teams (over priced)
25) AnyDesk – Best for remote desktop access (folks moving off this platform)
26) Splashtop – Best for enterprise IT support (Be careful folks are moving off this Remote Platform)
27) Action1 – Good for endpoint management and security (No knowledge)
28) Datto RMM – Good for cloud-based remote management (Kaseya Buyout and up and down good PSA at one time pricey)
29) Hexnode UEM – Good for unified endpoint management (No knowledge)
30) PRTG Network Monitor – Good for network monitoring and reporting (No knowledge)

Whether you’re managing employee devices on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, installing patches, or monitoring potential security risks to your network, RMM software is essential for any situation where you need to manage IT systems in multiple locations.

Speed, uptime and ease of use, and automation capabilities are all critical factors to consider, but it can be tricky to narrow down the best solutions for your needs.

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