Update to Bitdefender SSL Cert Issue 10-6-22 11:44AM

1) Turn SSL Cert back on in the policy

2) Do a agent update it will do a roll back see notes attached

We want to inform you about an update on October 6 that temporarily caused web browsing slowdown for some users of our Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools – for Windows. Customer systems remained protected at all times and the issue has been resolved.  


On October 6, 2022 at 16:04 UTC, Bitdefender released engines version 7.92965 (9952880) for Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools – Windows via live update. This update included changes to Network Protection module that handles web content inspection over SLL connections.  

The update included a flaw in the inspection mechanism which caused some customers to experience significant slowdown when browsing webpages. Our teams identified the issue soon after release and took immediate action to remediate the issue. The slowdown did not impact any of the prevention, detection and response layers provided by Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools and customer systems remained protected at all times.  


The Bitdefender product engineering team executed a product update rollback at 18:14 UTC. The Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools product version remained unchanged, the engines version that resolves the issue is 7.92964 (9950697). 

Customers who experienced the issue and have “Security Content Update” enabled will have the issue fixed via live update without any additional action required. For customers that disable Security Content Update, manual update task is required.  

Next Steps 

The Bitdefender engineering teams are working on a full root cause analysis of this incident and based on our findings we will promptly harden our release process accordingly so that similar situations will not occur.  

We apologize for any interruptions this event may have caused our customers. While we take pride in our track record of reliability, we acknowledge that faulty updates may seldom occur and we will use this event to learn from it and improve our products and processes moving forward.  

Roy Miehe | MspPortal Partners Inc. | Ceo/President
Security Software Distributor: Bitdefender , Barracuda, RackSpace, Axcient
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