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1) SEC Charges Against SolarWinds CISO Send Shockwaves Through Security Ranks
The legal actions may have a chilling effect on hiring CISOs, who are already in short supply, but may also expose just how budget-constrained most security executives are.
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2) Boeing Confirms Cyberattack, System Compromise
The aerospace giant said it’s alerting customers that its parts and distribution systems have been impacted by cyberattack.
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3) Boeing Breached by Ransomware, LockBit Gang Claims
LockBit gives Boeing a Nov. 2 deadline to pay the ransom or have its sensitive documents leaked to the public, but it hasn’t given evidence of the compromise.
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4) OpenAI confirms DDoS attacks behind ongoing ChatGPT outages
During the last 24 hours, OpenAI has been addressing what it describes as “periodic outages” linked to DDoS attacks affecting its API and ChatGPT services.
By Sergiu Gatlan November 09, 2023 03:18 AM
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