Microsoft’s Azure portal down following new claims of DDoS attacks

By Lawrence Abrams June 9, 2023 11:52 AM

Update at 6/9/23 1:33 PM ET added below

The Microsoft Azure Portal is down on the web as a threat actor known as Anonymous Suda claims to be targeting the site with a DDoS attack.

Attempting to access the portal at displays an error message stating, “Our services aren’t available right now. We’re working to restore all services as soon as possible. Please check back soon.” The mobile app appears unaffected at this time.

“Azure Portal – Errors accessing the Azure Portal – Applying Mitigation

Impact Statement: Starting at approximately 15:00 UTC on 9 Jun 2023, Azure customers may experience error notifications when trying to access the Azure Portal (

Current Status: We have determined a potential root cause and are actively engaged in different workstreams applying load balancing processes in order to mitigate the issue. The next update will be provided within 60 minutes or as events warrant.

This message was last updated at 16:35 UTC on 09 June 2023″

At the same time, a threat actor known as Anonymous Sudan claims to be conducting a DDoS attack against the Microsoft Azure portal, sharing an image of the page not working.

Regardless of the threat actor’s origins, this has not been a good week for Microsoft, with the threat actor conducting DDoS attacks on other Microsoft web portals for and OneDrive, which also suffered outages at the same time.

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