Microsoft Teams outage also takes down Microsoft 365 services

By Sergiu Gatlan July 21, 2022
What initially started like a minor Microsoft Teams outage has also taken down multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integration, including Exchange Online, Windows 365, and Office Online.

“We’ve received reports of users being unable to access Microsoft Teams or leverage any features,” the company revealed on its official Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account more than 8 hours ago.

Two hours later, Redmond said the issue causing the connection problems was a recent deployment that featured a broken connection to an internal storage service.

However, Teams was not the only product impacted by the outage since users also began reporting failures to connect to various Microsoft 365 services.

Microsoft confirmed the issues saying that the subsequent Microsoft 365 outage only affected services that came with Teams integration.

“We’ve identified downstream impact to multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integration, such as Microsoft Word, Office Online and SharePoint Online,” Microsoft explained.
As the company further detailed on its Microsoft 365 Service health status page, affected customers experienced issues with one or more of the following services:

Microsoft Teams (Access, chat, and meetings)
Exchange Online (Delays sending mail)
Microsoft 365 Admin center (Inability to access)
Microsoft Word within multiple services (Inability to load)
Microsoft Forms (Inability to use via Teams)
Microsoft Graph API (Any service relying on this API may be affected)
Office Online (Microsoft Word access issues)
SharePoint Online (Microsoft Word access issues)
Project Online (Inability to access)
PowerPlatform and PowerAutomate (Inability to create an environment with a database)
Autopatches within Microsoft Managed Desktop
Yammer (Impact to Yammer experiments)
Windows 365 (Unable to provision Cloud PCs)

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