Microsoft Outlook outage prevents users from sending, receiving emails 2-7-2023

By Sergiu Gatlan February 7, 2023 02:50 AM

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Microsoft is investigating and working on addressing an ongoing outage affecting the company’s Outlook webmail service.

Users report issues while sending, receiving, or searching email through

Some also report not being able to connect to, seeing 500 Errors when trying to log in, or having their entire accounts wiped and not seeing any emails after connecting.

According to information shared via the company’s Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account, Redmond is performing targeted restarts to portions of the infrastructure impacted by a recent change.

The outage started at around 6 AM UTC on Tuesday and is affecting customers in North America and has spread out to other regions worldwide due to the affected infrastructure.

“Users in additional regions beyond North America may experience some residual impact due to the affected portions of infrastructure in North America,” Microsoft says on its Office service health status page.

“We’ve begun observing gradual improvement from this issue for users located in some of the additional affected regions.

“We’re continuing to perform targeted restart operations on the primarily affected infrastructure in North America in order to restore the availability of the service.”

We’ve confirmed that a recent change is contributing to the cause of impact. We’re working on potential solutions to restore availability of the service. Refer to EX512238 or for more detailed information.
— Microsoft 365 Status (@MSFT365Status) February 7, 2023

Microsoft also said in an update to its service health site that the current Outlook outage also affects additional functionality, such as the calendar consumed by other services like the Microsoft Teams communication platform.
Today’s outage follows a major five-hour-long incident that impacted Azure and Microsoft 365 worldwide last week and took down multiple services, including Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, and Outlook.
Redmond revealed in a post-incident report that it was caused by a router IP address change that had led to packet forwarding issues between all routers in its Wide Area Network (WAN).
Update February 07, 10:41 EST: Microsoft says 99.9% of affected services have been restored and is now monitoring for full recovery.
Availability is at 99.9%, with full restoration almost complete. We’re continuing to monitor the environment to ensure full recovery. For more updates, please refer to tEX512238 and TM512245 in the admin center.
— Microsoft 365 Status (@MSFT365Status) February 7, 2023

Update February 07, 11:58 EST: More than 12 hours after the outage started, Microsoft says that the underlying issue behind the outage has been resolved, and all services are now working.

We’ve confirmed that the issue is resolved after an extended period of monitoring. Further details can be found under EX512238 and TM512245 in the admin center.
— Microsoft 365 Status (@MSFT365Status) February 7, 2023

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