Microsoft 365 outage knocks down admin center in North America

By Sergiu Gatlan July 28, 2022 01:12 PM 0

Microsoft is investigating an ongoing incident impacting administrators in North America who report seeing blank pages and 404 errors when trying to access the Microsoft 365 admin center.

This outage could affect any admin in North America, as the company revealed on the Microsoft 365 Service health status page.

“The majority of affected admins report that a blank page renders when attempting to access the admin center, and no perceivable error message is presented,” Microsoft said.

“A limited number of admins report that a 404 error or ‘Loading chunk (number) failed’ is shown intermittently.”

Redmond is working on discovering the issue that triggered this incident and trying to find a potential fix to address its impact on North American admins.

“We’re reviewing networking data to determine the source of impact, as well as determining if a potential fix is available to remediate impact,” the company added.

We’ve received reports from some admins in North America that they’re unable to access the Microsoft 365 admin center. Additional information can be found at or under MO406459 in the Microsoft 365 admin center.
— Microsoft 365 Status (@MSFTExchange Online, Outlook365Status) July 28, 2022

Today’s incident follows a massive outage that hit multiple Microsoft 365 services with Teams integrations last week.

As the company revealed in a preliminary post-incident report, last week’s outage was triggered by a faulty Enterprise Configuration Service (ECS) deployment that triggered cascading failures and availability impact worldwide.

Exchange Online and Outlook were hit by a second outage that prevented customers from signing into their accounts and accessing and receiving emails.

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