Hey SolarWinds Customers… Looking for a Safe Haven?

By now, you have seen the disaster that is the breach caused by the tainted SolarWinds update. Earlier today, even Microsoft confirmed that its network was hacked. SolarWinds said earlier in the week that attackers penetrated its software build system and inserted malicious code into software updates. The updates were then sent out to more than 33,000 organizations around the world, of which 18,000 actually installed the update. Among the organizations were thousands of managed service providers responsible for supporting thousands of companies.

It’s no secret that as a managed service provider, MspPortal Partners, has a vested interest in this story and potentially the organizations that were overconfident in their network security. Because the update came from what was a trusted partner, SolarWinds, more than half of those organizations targeted likely installed the update without a second thought. Unfortunately, the number and locations of the victims of this attack are likely going to grow over the next several days and weeks. Now is a time for SolarWinds customers to consider their security partners, and if a partner with a more hands-on approach can prevent these attacks from happening in the future.

MspPortal Partners, a boutique distributor of security solutions, has already started to support dozens of SolarWinds customers and is prepared to support as many as are ready to change. In addition to live training and support 24x7x365, MspPortal can add and scale accounts as needed as a result of our negotiating power with our solution providers and our bulk licensing agreements. We offer security through one of the most established and trusted platforms in the industry, and with attacks only increasing, now may be the best time to switch.
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