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Now is the Time to think about Protecting Mail and Endpoints

Most firms bought in to the idea of purchasing Microsoft Office 365 for financial reasons and convenience. Microsoft promised easy access to Word, Excel and Outlook know matter where you are. Unfortunately, now might be the day of reckoning with the breach of Microsoft cloud products. Hackers, phishing emails and bad actor malware are regularly using O365 to find more victims, and truth is, you’re actually more likely to already be infected via Microsoft’s patching processes. (This is not your fault. Microsoft’s MO is to always do patching on your operating system to keep you secure.)

You need to take a proactive position to:
1) Protect your email (Barracuda Spam Filtering best in breed)
2) Protect your Windows Operating systems (Bitdefender Gravity Zone fully EDR protection The only cybersecurity vendor to prevent all advanced threats AV comparatives.

With both of these layers of security in place, you can limit your exposure to the SolarWinds malware threat, which is bigger than even the media understand. Everyday more and more firms are coming forward with security breaches. Unfortunately for SolarWinds’ customers, the malware used int he attack is a mutating virus and responds to web commands.

If you are the Public, ask your Internet provider or support tech if they use SolarWinds RMM. If they do, ask to have it removed and replaced. Most tech firms will try justify why they should keep SolarWinds. Fight for your protection.

If you are tech company, contact MspPortal Partners, and we will set you up with the proper security to protect you endpoints and clients.

The cost for both lines through us is less than $6.00 a month per endpoint/mailbox. MspPortal Partners is a Value-Add Distributor for both products. MspPortal Partners does not sell direct to the public. MspPortal Partners have over 400 plus tech firms fully trained to implement a security solution to protect you.

Note: More than likely, your tech firm will charge for any modifications to your account because the virus is not their fault.

Side/foot note:
1) We asked and received a confirmation from the legal team at Barracuda that there is was/no integration of SolarWinds Orion software in the ESS spam filtering or RMM solutions.
2) Bitdefender also confirmed it does not use the Orion solution.
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How’s your Malware security software support?

We know you have options when it comes to deploying Bitdefender software. In fact, you could buy from multiple brand name distributers in the United States. Some of them are Remote Management and Monitoring providers working with a number of solution providers while others are simply generating sales for Bitdefender passing the money back and and support back to Bitdefender. Pricing for these distributors is the same, so you’re not going to find many differences in working with one or the other.

MspPortal is a boutique distributor that specializes in Bitdefender, along with other complementary product lines. We are a top hands-on trainer in the United States, offering three levels of support 24x7x365. MspPortal never refers you back to Bitdefender; rather we use our expertise working with the software for the past several years to support your software needs. Our largest deployment of Bitdefender was to a reseller for 60,000 endpoints in 26 different locations across California. We negotiated the pricing with Bitdefender for a three-year contract. The customer, the reseller and Bitdefender walked away satisfied in the contract and the ongoing level of support from MspPortal.

We can provide all licenses within minutes and scale your account as needed because of our negotiating power that allows us to acquire buckets of licenses in our monthly Gravity Zone.

If you are in the market for endpoint security software or better support, look no further than MspPortal.

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Bitdefender’s Response to FireEye and SolarWinds Breaches and Recommendations for Organizations

December 17 2020

Bitdefender’s Response to FireEye and SolarWinds Breaches and Recommendations for Organizations (Article)

Measures Bitdefender took to ensure its internal operations were not impacted:

An audit of our suppliers, partners, contractors and outsources concluded SolarWinds solutions are not incorporated into any products or services we procure.

Although Bitdefender does not use any SolarWinds solutions in its operations, a thorough systems check concluded no indication of compromise from the attack.

We have hardened our environment against specific techniques used in this attack and will continue to fortify through evaluations and tabletop exercises as new information becomes available.

Bitdefender is an undisputed world leader in its field, with its technology used in 38% of all security solutions worldwide. Acknowledged by prestigious independent testing labs as the world’s best prevention firm, Bitdefender is the provider of the first and only integrated security platform that unifies hardening, prevention, detection, response and services across endpoint, network and cloud.

MspPortalPartner is proud to be one of Bitdefenders Largest MSP Distributors in the US “Where Service and Technical Skills Count” From pricing to training and tech support level 1,2,3