Bitdefender Changes Scanning Techniques

This can be good or Bad..depends on how you look at it

I mange thousand of endpoints of Bitdefender

So i have been running the new changes for about a week ( I am satisfied so far)

Bitdefender is a policy based platform

In this point, there are several things to do:
1. Remove the scan archive from the Quick scans because these are designed to scan some resources fast.
2. Add the scan archives in the Full scan profile if not already done so it can be inherited and the report be populated as desired.
3) With all this, a malware located in an archive doesn’t pose a threat because when resources from the archive are accessed or unpacked they will be scanned and detected by the on access real time protection.

Read this link ( updates coming and some answers also

LAST IF YOU ARE NOT USING 2FA PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SETUP IT IS NOT HARD. personally  I use a high end 2FA program for all sites and I use it from one computer only. I do not use  cell phones to log in, the program that I use allows it.. security is a utmost concern to me in protecting myself and my partners

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