13 email threat types to know about right now

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How inbox defense protects against increasingly sophisticated attacks or compliment your current mail filtering solution considering O365 and Mimecast are now compromised very inexpensive to protect yourself from bad actors.
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PDF Table of Contents
1) Introduction: Radically reduce susceptibility to targeted email attacks page 1
2) Fighting increasingly complex email attacks page 3
3) Spam page 5
4) Malware 8
5) Data Exfiltration page 12
6) URL Phishing page 15
7) Scamming page 18
8) Spear Phishing page 22
9) Domain Impersonation page 26
10)Brand Impersonation page 30
11)Blackmail page 34
12)Business Email Compromise page 38
13)Conversation Hijacking page 42
14)Lateral Phishing page 46
15)Account Takeover page 49
16)Strengthening your email security posture with API-based inbox defense page 53
17)Conclusion: Effectively protecting against evolving email threats page 56

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