Bitdefender Gravity Zone Sandbox Analyzer Detection

Folks you need to add ATS (Hyperdetect with Sandbox combo package pricing)

Sandbox Analyzer Detection

Bitdefender Gravity Zone

Sandbox Analyzer has detected a threat on your network.
More information about the detected object can be found below.
Sandbox Detection Details
Company: This could have been your firm or your clients beware
Host Name/IP ACTIVITYLINK61 / x.x.x.x
Detection Timestamp 22 Jul 2021, 11:11:04
Threat Type Trojan
This bundle contained the following file(s):
File Name File Path File Size Remediation
ALProWebserver_Sunshine.exe C:/Home/alpro/Sunshine/Webportal 6.94 MB Quarantined

To view the behavioral events recorded during sandbox analysis, you can generate the Sandbox Analysis Results report from the Reports section in Control Center.